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The Lion King
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UFO: Enemy Enknown

UFO: Enemy Enknown
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The Godfather
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Fire Hawk: Thexder The Second Contact Download and Review

Jan 23, 2012

Fire Hawk: Thexder The Second Contact released in 1989 is the second instalment of highly popular (or highly frustrating) Thexder. Similarly, it was developed by Game Arts and released in US by Sierra.

Obviously, after being cursed by ten of thousands of players around the world, Game Arts decided to lower the difficulty level for the second instalment by upgrading the robot to become more powerful.

Beside the laser and the shield, the robot is equipped with guided missiles and some special weapon that we can collect during the levels. Deploying shield now consume only 5% of the energy, which immediately translate to twice the life of our robot.

Also, the improved auto-guided laser will now target the nearest target first rather than the furthest one. This is the most frustrating part of Thexder, which I am extremely happy that it has been improved.

Another major improvement is on the level design. Each level is now being divided into a few sub-levels, and if we are destroyed during the mission, we can continue from the sub-levels, and hence greatly reduce the number of times we need to go through a scene before beating a level.

The improvement that I like most is the boss in the end of each level. I always complain Thexder for the absence of powerful boss, and was really delightful to see the boss appearing in Fire Hawk. All bosses are unique in their features and weapons, which serve as a good eye candy every time we meet one.

If you have tried Thexder, then Fire Hawk is one that you should not miss. Besides the above mentioned improvements, you will be served with better graphics and most importantly, Adlib soundtracks! You can download Fire Hawk: Thexder The Second Contact by clicking the button below.

Thexder Download and Review.

Thexder is a shoot'em up released by Game Arts in 1985, and was ported to PC in 1987, where the US version was released by Sierra. Game Arts is the same company who produced Silpheed and Zeliard, both were my favourites.

In Thexder, we play as a robot which can transform between the robot and the jet form. Our mission is to escape the maze by choosing the right path and destroying the foes along our journey. And the bad news is, our robot is equipped with only one weapon - laser.

As with other early platform games, Thexder requires a lot of training to be completed. The maze design is complex and full of enemies. One mistake, we will be swamped by tens of enemies and will crush us within two seconds.

Make no mistake, Thexder is very hard to play, and definitely not designed for casual player. It's just impossible for us to complete the game without training for a few hundred times. The enemies are too strong, the control is awkward, and switching between robot and jet in many occasions need to be done in near perfect timing to get through.

When we are in robot form, the laser will go into auto-tracking, which always make more harm than good, as it will always track the most distanced target while letting the enemies in front destroying us. It's really frustrating, and I must have cursed the developers more than thousand times for designing that.

The next thing I hate most is, if we're destroyed during the mission, we have to start from the beginning again and again. There is no Save option in the game, meaning if we shut down and start playing again, we will have to start from Level 1. Therefore, it's not very uncommon for us to see the same scene for more than a thousand times before we can finally beat the game.

To understand the frustration I have experienced, you should really give it a try (if you haven't). Just bear in mind that Thexder has sold for more than 500,000 copies and you might like it as well as others. You can download Thexder by clicking the button below.

Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! Download and Review

Oct 25, 2011

Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! was released by Sierra in 1993, and was the 5th game in the series. (There was no Leisure Suit Larry 4). Leisure Suit Larry 6 uses an icon interface similar to other Sierra games of the time, but unlike most Sierra games, the icon bar is visible at all times.

As with the previous instalments, the game continues its adult nature that never failed to make us laugh. At the beginning of the game, we know that Larry Laffer is once again single, as his girlfriend Passionate Patti has been retconned out of the series. After joining a the television dating show, Larry wins an all-expenses paid trip to La Costa Lotta, a refined health spa. Due to his status as non-paying guest, he is treated rudely by the staff and given the worst room on the premises. As such, none of the available women in the resort want anything to do with Larry, though it is possible to change their minds with the right gifts.

The eight romantic interests, all of whom are named after types of wine, include Gammie Boysulay, a receptionist whose svelte upper body conceals an enormous lower half; Rosé Eleeta, a Spanish beauty; Thunderbird, a female weightlifter; Charlotte Donay, who spends most of her time in a mud bath; Burgundy, a country music singer who performs at a blues bar; Cavaricchi Vuarnet, a bisexual aerobics instructor; Shablee, a makeup artist (ultimately revealed to be a transvestite); and Shamara Payne, a depressed New Age follower. Shamara is Larry's ultimate goal in the game; his encounters with the others will only result in Larry's humiliation in one form or another, though he will always gain something necessary to win over Shamara.

The Women of La Costa Lotta Larry encounters several romantic interests within the hotel, various means to entice them into a tryst are laid out until all the women, but the final one Larry meets have rejected him in one form or another. (in one case however; Larry does reject a prospect as well)

The list of romantic interests of Larry in this instalment is as below:

Gammie the beautiful receptionist of the La Costa Lotta, she expresses disinterest in her hips and wants access to the liposuction room.

the pool bartender whose one passion is death-defying stunts such as bungie jumping.
Thunderbird a vicious vixen with a taste for bondage and leather.

is a country singer with a rather desperate need for alcohol and a tenancy toward bisexuality.

is a mudbath loving woman who just needs a little juice for her little friend.
Shablee is a dark skinned girl who has more under her belt than Larry can handle.
Rose is a hispanic beauty whose one desire is the same as her name. She speaks broken English with a very strong accent
Cavaricchi is the aerobics instructor at La Costa Lotta, but also a total lesbian.
Shamara is a resident of the penthouse hotel room, she is very into mother nature and will trade Larry's fruits for her fruits.

You can download Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! by clicking the button below.

The 10 Greatest MS-DOS Games of All Time

Oct 14, 2011

PCWorld has just released an article about The 10 Greatest MS-DOS Games of All Time.

Their ranking is as below:
  1. Doom (1993)
  2. Sid Meier's Civilization (1991)
  3. Scorched Earth (1991)
  4. X-Com: UFO Defense (1994)
  5. SimCity (1989)
  6. Ultima VI: The False Prophet (1990)
  7. Blood (1997)
  8. Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (1992)
  9. Command & Conquer: Red Alert (1996)
  10. Day of the Tentacle (1993)

Obviously, the author didn't really play MS-DOS games that much. How can so many gems being left out, while some not really good one being selected into the list?

Thank You Google Panda Update 2.5

Google Panda Update 1.0 in early March 2011 has cut the traffic for by half. And finally, thanks to Google Panda Update 2.5 in early October 2011, the traffic for this website has backed to normal!

Anyway, Google always make changes to their search algorithm, 500 changes in a year according the them. I can only hope that the next Panda update will do good for this website.

20 Games That Defined DOS Gaming

Oct 11, 2011

Came across a video that shows 20 games that defined DOS games. The games shown in the video:
1. King's Quest
2. Ally Cat
3. Pirates!
4. Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of Lounge Lizards
5. Sim City
6. Prince of Persia
7. Railroad Tycoon
8. Commander Keen Series
9. 4D Sport Racing
10. Wing Commander
11. Monkey Island, The Secret of
12. Sid Meier's Civilization
13. Duke Nukem
14. Lemmings
15. Titus the Fox
16. Dune
17. Wolfenstein 3D
18. Syndicate
19. Doom
20. Jazz Rabbit

This is a good video compilation, but I just feel that many truly great games were left out, like Fate of Atlantis, UFO: Enemy Unknown, Gabriel Knight, etc. What's your say?

Bubble Bobble Download and Review

Apr 26, 2010

Bubble Bobble is a cute game produced by Taito. It is mainly an arcade game, but ported to DOS around 1990.

The game play for Bubble Bobble is simple. We can play in single player or double player mode. Our mission is to entrap the monsters with our bubble and hit the entrapped monster with our body to kill them.

There are 100 levels in Bubble Bobble. The last level is the Boss level. There are sweet in different color that we can pick up to improve our bubbles' speed, rate and length. The fun part of Bubble Bobble is there are a lot of goodies that produce different result.

The best that I like is Umbrella. With Umbrella, we can skip a few levels instantly.

The Fiery Cross is not bad too. After we get it, we can shoot fire ball instead of bubble. Another good one is potion that can change the whole screen to yummy fruits.

Tired of fighting the monster, try looking for the Blue Cross. It can drown the whole screen instantly.

When you see the White Bracelet, quickly get it and there will be a fireball to kill monster for us.

During the game, there are special bubbles with letter on them. Get seven bubbles with letter "E", "X", "T", "E", "N" and "D", and you will be rewarded with extra life.

You can get Bubble Bobble here. Remember to get DosBox before playing.

Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle with Voice Download and Review

Aug 29, 2009

Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle is another great adventure game from Lucasarts. It was originally released in 1993, during the golden era of graphics adventure games. Day of the Tentacle is the sequel to Maniac Mansion, and is set on 5 years after Maniac Mansion.

The premise of Day of the Tentacle itself is interesting enough to keep us going. The three main characters, Bernard Bernoulli, Laverne and Hoagie, are called by Green Tantacle, to help Dr. Fred Edison using a time machine to prevent Purple Tentacle from taking over the world.

Purple Tentacle is the friend of Green Tentacle, who become mad after ingesting some toxic waste. The toxic waste made Purple Tentacle acquires power and intelligence, and is on its way for global domination.

Dr. Fred decided to send the team one day earlier to prevent Purple Tentacle from taking the toxic waste using his time machines. But something happen during the time travel, which send Bernard back to the current time, while Hoagie is sent to 200 years in the past and Laverne is sent to 200 years in the future.

The interesting part in the game is, we have to guide them to solve puzzle together in three different time. History play a significant role in Day of the Tentacle. What we did in the past will change things in the future. And we need to use this effect to help them solve puzzles.

In Day of the Tentacle, we can meet several several figures from colonial America, like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and Betsy Ross. Some of the puzzles involve these characters. For example, in one sequence, Hoagie must coax Washington into chopping down a kumquat tree, a real fun one.

In conclusion, Day of the Tentacle is very very interesting adventure game. The graphics style in very unique. The backgrounds are drawn in a weird proportion, but they just look nice. The voice acting is superb, as well as the storyline. The puzzles are quite hard to solve, slightly harder than Monkey Island in my opinion.

You can download Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle here. You will need ScummVM to run the game.

Sam & Max Hit the Road with Voice Download & Review

Aug 28, 2009

Sam & Max Hit the Road is a graphic adventure computer game released by LucasArts in 1993. The game is based on the comic characters of Sam and Max, a dog and a rabbit. The characters, created by Steve Purcell, originally debuted in a 1987 comic book series. Sam and Max Hit the Road is one of the best adventure game from Lucasarts. Its humor, voice acting, graphics, music and gameplay are just superb!

As with other adventure games by Lucasarts in the same time, Sam & Max Hit the Road uses the user-friendly point-and-click system. As usual, there is an inventory system to keep the things we collect for later uses.As with other LucasArts games, we will not die in Sam & Max Hit the Road.

When the game start, Sam and Max receive a telephone call from an unseen and unheard Commissioner, who tells them to go to a nearby carnival. At the carnival, they are told by the owners that their star attraction, a frozen bigfoot called Bruno, has been set free and fled taking their second attraction, Trixie the Giraffe-Necked Girl. Sam and Max set off to find Bruno and Trixie and bring them back. As the duo investigate the carnival, they learn that Bruno and Trixie are in love and that Trixie freed Bruno. Sam & Max leave the carnival to pursue leads at various tourist traps throughout the country, such as The World's Largest Ball of Twine, a vortex controlled by giant subterranean magnets and bungee jumping facilities at Mount Rushmore.

The pair learn that two other bigfoots used as tourist attractions in other parts of the country have been freed by Bruno, and that Bruno has been captured by Liverpudlian country western singer Conroy Bumpus, a cruel animal abuser who wishes to use Bruno in his performances. Sam and Max travel to Bumpus' home and rescue Bruno and Trixie, but Bruno then departs with Trixie to join a bigfoot gathering at an inn in Nevada.

Following them, Sam and Max are forced to disguise themselves as a bigfoot to enter the party. Eventually the party is gatecrashed by Conroy Bumpus and his henchman Lee Harvey, who hope to capture the bigfoots. However, Sam manages to fool Bumpus and Harvey into donning their bigfoot disguise, and Max locks them in the inn's kitchen freezer.

Chief Vanuatu, leader of the bigfoots, in recognition of the pair's actions, makes the Freelance Police members of the bigfoot tribe and tells them of a spell that will make the world safe for bigfoots again, preventing their capture by humans. However, the chief requires help deciphering the spell's four ingredients, and asks for Sam and Max's help. Eventually, they discover that the ingredients are a vegetable resembling John Muir, hair restoration tonic, the tooth of a dinosaur and a vortex contained within a snow globe. Combined with a live bigfoot sacrifice—which Max substitutes for frozen bigfoot-clad Bumpus and Harvey—the ingredients cause large trees to spring into existence, destroying towns and cities and covering the bulk of the west United States in forest.

Content that their work is done, Sam and Max take the frozen ice block containing Bumpus and Harvey to the carnival. Believing that Bruno has been returned to them, the owners give a large reward of skee ball tickets to the Freelance Police, who then spend the end credits shooting targets at a carnival stall with real firearms.

In conclusion, Sam & Max Hit the Road is an adventure game that you cannot miss.

You can download Sam & Max Hit the Road here. You will need ScummVM to run the game.

Skunny Download and Review

Apr 11, 2009

Skunny was developed by Magic Touch Production in 1995. It is a side scrolling platform game that is pretty similar to popular the Sonic the Hedgehog and Jazz Rabbit.

The game start when Skunny, in his recent adventure, he uncovered an ancient map showing the location of incredible treasures scattered throughout remote parts of the world. We will guide Skunny through areas filled with monsters and obstacles to gather treasures.

Like Jazz Rabbit, Skunny offer a good 256-color VGA graphics and digitized sound. The game play is fast, but obviously the game engine is not as good as Jazz Rabbit, as we can notice some slight jerk when moving around.

Game play wise, Skunny is as good as Sonic and Jazz Rabbit. We can run pretty fast, and the best is when we jump into the barrels that will throw Skunny from place to place.

The monsters and obstacles in Skunny is pretty simple to overcome compared to other platform games. As we can move pretty free in a level, finding the way to the next level is quite troublesome.

You can download Skunny here.


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