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Centurion Download & Review

Sep 5, 2008

Centurion is one of my favorite strategy game. It has simple interface, engaging game play and nice 256-color VGA graphics.

The game start at 275BC. We are a low rank officer that lead a small army at Rome. Our purpose is to help Rome expand its power to its peak. To end the game, we have to conquer all regions in the map below.

The interface for Centurion is simple. The first and most important one is to build our army and send them for conquest. We will meet different kind of troops when in different area.

The battle is automatically perform. What we need to do is give simple command like Melee or Retreat. The winning factors is based on the size and the courage of the army. At the beginning, we can only command one small legion. But when our rank grow, we can raise new legion and upgrade the legion to higher level.

Beside conquering other region, we have to monitor the mood of the people as well. If we don't care the mood of the people for a long time, they will turn rebelious and attack our army.

The way to calm down the people is to held games and lower the tribute. There are a few type of games that we can held, like chariot games and gladiotor shows. Chariot is a mini game whereby we control a chariot to compete with other computer players. For me, it's really hard to win a chariot game.

For gladiotor show, we can pick our player and opponent player. The higher the money we pay, the better gladiotor that we will get.

It is almost impossible to lost if we pick a strong gladiator versus a weak enemy.

There are sea battles in Centurion too. To win in a sea battle, we must have really huge fleet comprising of more than hundreds of warships.

During sea battle, we have to control our ship to engage enemy ship. The control for sea battle is very difficult though.

You can get Centurion here. DosBox is required to run the game.



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