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Drakkhen Download, Review & Walkthrough

Sep 6, 2008

Drakkhen is published by Infograms in 1990. The game is quite difficult to complete, a lot of place leave us with no clue on how to continue. I spend almost a week to finish this game when I was thirteen.

Drakkhen is not really a fun game to play, but it does introduce some new concept for a role playing game. 1st, 360 degree turning and smooth movement (unlike Eye of The Beholder type of movement). 2nd, use 256-color VGA mode palette features extensively, transforming day and night scene smoothly.

The main mission of Drakkehn is to kill all four dragon princes in four areas, and then remove all our clothes and belongings to face the dragons! Why we need to remove all our clothes? I also want to ask the fxxking developers! There are totally no clue that ask us to remove all the clothes to finish the game.

There are two modes of game play in Drakkhen, navigate mode and play mode. In navigate mode, we cannot do any other things beside moving around. We cannot see the characters in this mode.

In play mode, we can control the characters to move around the screen, fighting monsters, searching things and perform other tasks.

The world of Drakkhen is quite big. There are 4 areas in Drakkhen, Jungle, Riverside, Snowland and Desert. In each area, there are one or two dungeon and we can go in for adventure.

There are many types of enemies in Drakkhen, and most of them is quite tough to defeat. If our characters is at low level and under equipped, the whole team will be killed in a matter of seconds!

Yes, we can fight dragons too. But even if we are at a very high level, fighting dragon will always result in killing the whole team.

There are temples in the game too. In temples, we can heal the wounded characters and resurrect the dead character.

Japanese style monastery? Don't be fooled. There are no samurai, just plain annoying monsters.

There is one weapon shop in Drakkhen. Yes, only one weapon shop. We can buy some middle level equipments here.

There are teleport stations in Drakkhen that we can use to travel from one location to another location in a quick way.

You can get Drakkhen here. The walkthrough is included in the package. DosBox is required. Remember, to end the game, you have to remove all the clothes and face the dragons in the shining lane.



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