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Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 Download and Review

Oct 1, 2008

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 is published by Koei and can be considered as one of the longest historical simulation series. The first version is too difficult to play, therefore I will start straight into the version 2.

Besides improved graphics, Romance 2 comes with good soundtrack too. The soundtrack with chinese motive is very pleasant to listen.

We can play Romance 2 in different characters, including creating a fiction one. My favorite mode is to create a fiction character to play the game.

In Romance 2, a general can lead 10000 soldiers rather than 100 in earlier games. To succeed in battle, general and training play the most important role.

One unique part in Romance 2 battle is, before going into real war, those general with high strength will challenge enemy's party for duel. If enemy's part reject, their number of soldiers will be reduced by almost 10%.

If you are lazy to complete the game, just load the "JOHN" saved game. I purposely save it to enjoy the ending.

This is the last screen of the game. Quite a long journey indeed.

You can download Romance 2 here.


C.G. said...

BOGUS SITE, nothing here tried to download a game and it takes you to a page that says download link will be displayed after you visit a page, clicked on a couple stupid links and never got a game! Fuckin crooks

May 4, 2011 at 8:06 PM
Cherry said...

Make sure you disable the pop-up blocker and see the pop-up page when you go to the download page.

May 5, 2011 at 9:02 PM

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