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The Dig CD Download and Review

Jan 20, 2009

The Dig is an adventure game developed by Lucasarts in 1995. It is said to has collaboration with Steven Spielberg on the game production.

The Dig was released as CD-ROM only. It contains a full voice-over soundtrack and a digital orchestral score. For the most part, the game's graphics are hand-drawn and sparsely animated, with a mixture of pre-rendered 3D and hand-drawn animation clips also presented in certain parts of the game.

It is the most serious LucasArts adventure game, containing no slapstick, and relatively little subtle humor, an element found abundantly in all other LucasArts adventure titles. It is also the only one to fit perfectly into the science fiction genre.

The game starts with Commander Low and two of his team mates trying to blow up a hole on an asteroid. After the asteroid is blown, they go in, mistakenly activate some traps and they are transported to an alien planet.

They start to explore the deserted planet, their main priority being to find a way back home. While the planet has a high state of technology, it is in a state of decay and appears to be devoid of particularly intelligent animals.

The title 'The Dig' refers to the whole process of investigation and exploration of the planet, in order to make the alien machines work again and discover what happened to the lost civilization. The main theme is xenoarchaeology.

At the end, they successfully meet the alien race, and through some processes, the alien guide them back to Earth.

You can download The Dig CD here. There is an ISO image and walkthrough file inside. This is a stripped off version with no background music and speech. You need to have Daemon Tools to load the ISO image and mount it in the DosBox to play.


Anonymous said...

The description given for the game on this site is splotchy at best. If you've seen the hit movies "Deep Impact" or it's ugly step-sister, "Armageddon" then you are familiar with the threat of asteroids hitting Earth and making our lives more annoying.
NASA sends a shuttle team to set off nukes to redirect the asteroid into a higher orbit. That part goes fine, the team yells at you if you place the nukes in the wrong spot.
You and your team go back to explore the asteroid and find a large hole that has unnatural features, like strange metal panels. You reveal to your team that the mission has a duel purpose, you're also looking for signs of alien contact and this appears to be it. By solving a practice puzzle you and two of your team members are transported to another planet.
At this point, I suggest you all go and play "MYST II - RIVEN" because both of these games are preoccupied with the number 5 (5 shapes, colors, etc). You will need a notebook to keep notes. Also some of the doors require a special combination which is randomized to each game. But sometimes it is very very hard to read, so be patient. Start over, if you want a new combo.
This alien world is mostly lifeless and like the MYST worlds, everything is sorta broken, that is, until you figure out how to fix everything. From my own research, there appear to be two endings, so keep notes and save often. Also, everything is a tool, even an old jawbone or a piece of wire.
If you ever get stuck, throw around some witty banter with your teammates via your palmpilot communicator. Ever so often you hear something useful. After your team finds an underground passageway, your team leaves you, but I won't tell how they leave. So you're on your own, you can still communicate with them, but they don't give any hints or offer and solutions.
I haven't finished the game yet, but it's well worth it!

June 23, 2009 at 1:41 AM
Cherry said...

Yeah, I admit that the description I gave is quite simple, as I do not want to give too much spoilers.

I've finished The Dig, of course, and it is indeed a VERY difficult game to complete, but very satisfying at the end of the game. The starting planting nuke part is just an introduction to its difficulty.

Once we arrive at the distance planet, we basically left with no clue on how to proceed. I spend almost a day just to get in the Nexus, keep going and back from three area searching for clues. The mission is surrounded in getting pieces of artifacts left by the alien and restore the ultimate machine that will open the "Sixth Dimension" and to rescue all aliens that have been stuck there. (Weird right? A human to rescue all the aliens in the planet!)

Anyway, enjoy, if you haven't finish the game.

June 23, 2009 at 8:17 AM

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