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Wolfenstein 3D Download and Review

Jan 17, 2009

Wolfenstein 3D is a first person shooter that is generally regarded as having popularized the genre on the PC. It is released in 1992 by Apogee, and is developed by Id Software.

In Wolfenstein 3D, we play an American soldier named William "B.J." Blazkowicz. Our objective is to escape from the titular Nazi stronghold. There are many armed guards, as well as attack dogs. The building has a number of hidden rooms containing various treasures, food supplies, and medical kits, as well as three different guns and ammunition.

Wolfenstein 3D was released as shareware, which allowed it to be copied widely. The shareware release contains one episode, consisting of 10 missions. The commercial release consists of three episodes including the shareware episode, and a mission pack called "The Nocturnal Missions". Like the shareware episode, each commercial episode contains 10 levels, bringing the game to a total of 60 missions.

The episodes in Wolfenstein 3D are:
1. "Escape from Wolfenstein"
2. "Operation: Eisenfaust"
3. "Die, Führer, Die"
4. "A Dark Secret"
5. "Trail of the Madman"
6. "Confrontation"

Each episode features ten missions which have to be finished sequentially. Only nine levels need to be completed; hidden in one of the first eight missions was an entrance to the tenth, secret level. The secret level of the third episode was notable in that it recreated one of the original Pac-Man levels, complete with ghosts, seen by the player from Pac-Man's perspective.

Each episode has a different boss who has to be killed in the final mission in order to complete the episode. Unlike normal enemies, boss enemies are drawn from one angle instead of eight, so the player can't sneak up on them or take them by surprise; when first encountered they are always facing the player. Bosses also won't notice the player or become active until they see the player. When most bosses are killed, a replay of the boss's death is shown; the episode then ends.

You can download Wolfenstein 3D here.



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