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Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! Download and Review

Oct 25, 2011

Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! was released by Sierra in 1993, and was the 5th game in the series. (There was no Leisure Suit Larry 4). Leisure Suit Larry 6 uses an icon interface similar to other Sierra games of the time, but unlike most Sierra games, the icon bar is visible at all times.

As with the previous instalments, the game continues its adult nature that never failed to make us laugh. At the beginning of the game, we know that Larry Laffer is once again single, as his girlfriend Passionate Patti has been retconned out of the series. After joining a the television dating show, Larry wins an all-expenses paid trip to La Costa Lotta, a refined health spa. Due to his status as non-paying guest, he is treated rudely by the staff and given the worst room on the premises. As such, none of the available women in the resort want anything to do with Larry, though it is possible to change their minds with the right gifts.

The eight romantic interests, all of whom are named after types of wine, include Gammie Boysulay, a receptionist whose svelte upper body conceals an enormous lower half; Rosé Eleeta, a Spanish beauty; Thunderbird, a female weightlifter; Charlotte Donay, who spends most of her time in a mud bath; Burgundy, a country music singer who performs at a blues bar; Cavaricchi Vuarnet, a bisexual aerobics instructor; Shablee, a makeup artist (ultimately revealed to be a transvestite); and Shamara Payne, a depressed New Age follower. Shamara is Larry's ultimate goal in the game; his encounters with the others will only result in Larry's humiliation in one form or another, though he will always gain something necessary to win over Shamara.

The Women of La Costa Lotta Larry encounters several romantic interests within the hotel, various means to entice them into a tryst are laid out until all the women, but the final one Larry meets have rejected him in one form or another. (in one case however; Larry does reject a prospect as well)

The list of romantic interests of Larry in this instalment is as below:

Gammie the beautiful receptionist of the La Costa Lotta, she expresses disinterest in her hips and wants access to the liposuction room.

the pool bartender whose one passion is death-defying stunts such as bungie jumping.
Thunderbird a vicious vixen with a taste for bondage and leather.

is a country singer with a rather desperate need for alcohol and a tenancy toward bisexuality.

is a mudbath loving woman who just needs a little juice for her little friend.
Shablee is a dark skinned girl who has more under her belt than Larry can handle.
Rose is a hispanic beauty whose one desire is the same as her name. She speaks broken English with a very strong accent
Cavaricchi is the aerobics instructor at La Costa Lotta, but also a total lesbian.
Shamara is a resident of the penthouse hotel room, she is very into mother nature and will trade Larry's fruits for her fruits.

You can download Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! by clicking the button below.



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